Prepare the environment so you feel happy that your child is safe to explore

Be ready for when your child starts to crawl and walk alone:
  • Attach a wooden bar about two inches in diameter to a wall for your child to practise pulling himself up on.
  • Provide sturdy stools for your child to pull himself up on and remove all wobbly tables and chairs that he might pull on top of himself.
  • Put things that your child can play with on low shelves and things that are off limit out of his reach.
  • Put security locks on cupboards that you don't want your child to open.

Show your child how

  • Help him to understand what the bar is for by showing how to clasp his hands on it.
  • Offer a stool or a hand for you child to pull himself up on when he is showing that he wants to get up higher to see or do something.

Allow time

  • Let him try at pulling up on things for himself rather than pulling him up with your own hands. He will learn more quickly through his own effort.